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We take great care in hiring new enfore’lers. That’s why our hiring process may differ from what you have experienced in other companies. When you’re interested in a position in our engineering team, we assess your programming skills with the help of „take home challenges“ and extensive whiteboard exercises. We want to know if you are just applying a programming language or a framework or if you have really understood the underlying concepts and ideas. When you’re interested in a position outside of the engineering team, we like to assess your skills with an appropriate exercise, too (e.g. a presentation or another sort of work example).

During the in-person interviews in our office, you’ll have the chance to meet quite a few of your potential new colleagues from different roles across the company because we believe in the four-eyes principle (which sometimes may end up in a fourteen-eyes principle …).

About enfore AG

Founded in 2009 by Marco Boerries to re-imagine how small businesses are run, enfore is building a business platform paired with a great collection of versatile, easy to use apps that run on smartphones, tablets and personal computers. This solution creates a level playing field by giving small businesses instant access to the tools, capabilities and insights normally only available to larger companies.

There are no open positions at this time.